In partnership with the Clifton Board of Education, Center for Family Resources operates PreK classrooms.

Services we offer

  • Head Start
  • Clifton Board Of Education Collaboration
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    Suzanne Wilson

    Site Coordinator/HS Teacher

    FCC – Internet Service Discount Program

    FCC – Affordable Connectivity Program Did you know that the FCC offers an Affordable Connectivity Program? This program offers a discount for internet provider services and even a one-time discount for the purchase of a device! Here’s a link to check out the extensive list of providers that participate and instructions on how to go…

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    Early Childhood Development: Cause and Effect

    Early Childhood Development: Cause and Effect When your little one drops their spoon on the floor (and they will!), give it back to them and say, “The spoon is falling down, down, down!” How long does it take until they drop it again? When they do, talk about falling down again. With this interaction, they’re…

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